Friday, June 11, 2010

Dessert Club, ChikaLicious - Lower East Side

Most of the time when I grab cupcakes, it's because I'm in the area for something else and think, "Oh, I should check Yelp for cupcake places nearby!" Which is how I ended up at Dessert Club, Chikalicious. I'd seen it mentioned on some blog or other, where I think the writer actually named it his or her favorite in the city, so I had high hopes. Then again, I'd had high hopes before. Fortunately, these particular hopes were not dashed. At the end of my cupcake, all I could really hope for was that the cupcakes weren't on the smaller side. In fact, when I go back to pick up the dress I dropped off at the LES to get altered, I might stop by here again!

The Cake. I feel like there is some perfection beyond this, but I don't know what I actually have to complain about. Moist, light, slightly-sweet: excellent, excellent cake. I could have stood for just a little more of it. The cupcakes were on the smaller side, and it felt like the height in particular suffered. A

The Frosting. Oh my God. To my tastebuds, definitely not buttercream. It tasted like a whipped cream frosting, which I tend to love because, when done right, whipped frostings are light, airy perfection. This was done right. Passed the Nose Test other than on one bite, but that's still passing in my book. Delicious, delicious frosting. A+

Final Grade: A

My friend has informed me that I ought to be posting pictures for this blog, so I think that is indeed what must happen. Expect pictures next time!

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