Friday, May 21, 2010

Carrot Top Pastries - Inwood

I didn't plan on hitting bakeries where cupcakes are more incidental than a focus—at least not at first. But passing by Carrot Top Pastries while in the neighborhood, I spied cupcakes, so I figured it was only my duty to try them out. I hear that the carrot cake at Carrot Top Pastries is excellent. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of carrot cake, so I felt no urge to try out their specialty as well. Perhaps I should have.

It's not to say that the cupcake I had was terrible. More that it was no more than serviceable, and, cupcake specializer or not, it shouldn't be the product of a professional bakery.

The Cake. Moist enough, but a little oversweet and tasting rather processed. Also suffered from being entirely overpowered by the frosting. C

The Frosting.
This cupcake inspired me to make up a test. It is called "the Nose Test." The Nose Test is as follows: if I cannot bite into my cupcake without getting frosting on my nose, we have a problem. No cupcake should have frosting as tall as the cupcake itself, and no cupcake should have so much frosting that I get it on my nose every single bite. And the frosting itself tasted almost exactly like the frosting you buy at the grocery store. Oversweet, processed, preserved. (And trust me: I have eaten a lot of frosting straight from those containers over the years. I know whereof I speak.) C-

Final grade: C


  1. I think you should start taking pictures of the cupcakes too.

  2. I agree. Cupcake pictures!